Our Destiny: to Inform, to Inspire, even Surprise You

Books of Destiny is a new book publishing house. It's the result of a publishing revolution. Emergent technologies, from "desktop publishing" tools to Internet book retailing to print on demand publishing and social media marketing have democratized the publishing business. No longer can an insular coterie of literary agents and publishing houses prevent authors from gaining access to the judgments of readers who seek fresh voices and ideas. So, it's those readers we hope to serve.

For now, Books of Destiny is the exclusive source of books written by just one author, Michael D. Riley. However, this is not a "vanity press" house. Instead, we will make every effort to popularize and profitably sell the titles we represent. Why did we choose "Books of Destiny" as our name? The idea for this identity was originally based on the metaphysical ideas behind our novel, "Gifts". But the name's fateful implications tickled our fancy, so we've also applied it to our non-fiction work as well.

Ground-Breaking Non-Fiction

Our new book "$ave Your City" is the first book-length review of municipal marketing strategies for public financing. We are proud to note that the book is now featured by the Alliance for Innovation - to see more, click here.

Award Winning Fiction

We were recently honored when our genre-crossing book of fiction, titled simply "Gifts," was selected as one of the three best new novels of the year by the Arizona Authors Association. To see a picture of the author in costume and his bride without handcuffs as they appeared to receive this award, click here.


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